Bus fare

Section fare
Single use
Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus
1-day ticket
1 Day Pass
¥180 ¥500
¥90 ¥250
  • * "One-time use" is the same amount no matter where you get on or off.
  • * You can get on and off the "1 day ticket" only on the day of sale.
  • * You can also board with the following ticket.
  • Kumamon IC card, National IC card, Odekake IC, Wakuwaku 1day Pass, SUNQ Pass

About discounts for people with disabilities, etc.

Types of notebooks Applying discount (person) Application of discount (caregiver)
Physical disability certificate (1 type) 5 discount 5 discount
Physical disability certificate (2 type) 5 discount No discount
Nursing notebook 5 discount 5 discount
Mental disability certificate 5 discount No discount
  • * Please be sure to show the photo-pasted side of the notebook to the crew (those without a photo cannot be applied)
  • * If you have a Kumamon IC card (card for people with disabilities), you do not need to show your notebook.However, please be sure to carry it so that you can present it at any time.
  • * When a person receiving nursing care, etc. by the facilities stipulated in Article 12-4 and Articles 41 to 44 of the Child Welfare Act and his / her attendant board for nursing care, etc., the protection facility 5 discounts will be applied when the prescribed fare discount certificate issued by the head of the child is submitted.
  • * The number of caregivers and attendants is limited to one per person.
  • * Fractions of 5 yen will be rounded up to the nearest 10 yen.
  • * There is no discount for the one-day tour bus ticket.

Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus 1 Day Pass 1DAY PASS

The "Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus 1-day Pass" allows you to get on and off the Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus only on the day of sale.
This one-day ticket comes with a facility use discount ticket and can be used at the following facilities.
* Some facilities are closed due to the impact of the earthquake.following
"Tourist facilities with discounts"

How to Use

Please give the one-day ticket to the staff at the facility.
If you cut it in advance, please show the one-day ticket and the discount ticket to the staff and give only the discount ticket to the staff.

Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus 1-day ticket sales office list

Inside the Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus
Bus information center in Sakuramachi Bus Terminal MAP
Kumamoto Station General Tourist Information Center 096-327-9500 MAP
Sakura nobaba Josaien General Tourist Information Center 096-322-5060 MAP
Kumamoto Green Hotel 096-325-2222 MAP
Kumamoto Hotel Castle 096-326-3311 MAP

Tourist facilities with discounts

Kumamoto Station / Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal Platform Information

Sakuramachi Bus Terminal boarding / alighting place

[Bus Information Center]
SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto 2nd floor Sakuramachi Square

Ticket window business hours (open all year round) 7: 30-20: 00]
(However, the Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus 1-day pass is sold from 7:30 to the departure of the last flight)